National Urban League Releases ‘State of Black America’ 2017 Report

The National Urban League has released its annual report on the State of Black America for the 41st time, a report which has become one of the most highly anticipated benchmarks around racial equality in America. 

It measures the progress of minorities compared to Caucasians in the U.S. Its equality index is valued at an even 100 percent for whites, and the quality of life in categories such as economics, employment, education, health, housing, and criminal justice for African-Americans, and now Hispanic-Americans, is measured against that.

The 20-page report entitled, ‘Protect Our Progress’ is surely a reference to what many see as the rollback—or anticipated rollback—of progress made under the eight-year Obama administration.

Marc Morial, president of the NUL, said as much in his letter at the beginning of the 2017 report, saying the progress under President Barack Obama, “is threatened.”

Recent proposals before Congress would shift desperately needed resources away from underfunded public schools toward our heavily invested in military. The federal budget currently under consideration would slash the budget of the Departments of Health, Education, Housing, and Labor—a blueprint for a sick, uneducated, homeless and unemployed America. Suggested double-digit cuts, or the outright elimination of funding for vital programs and services, would devastate already vulnerable citizens and working families,” he wrote.

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Source: Black America Web | Angela Bronner Helm

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